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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Travel Photography - Iceland

I hardly have the words for this. Sufficed to say that it was one of the most spectacular trips of my life. Iceland won my heart. We trekked through snow, ate amazing food, saw the Northern Lights, went on tours. I've never really been into photographing landscapes before... but now I just want to get out there and shoot more and more. Prints will be coming soon in my new print shop, I can't wait to share them. I'm going to make myself available for more travel photography and if you're looking to commission some shots please get in touch.

That's enough words. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Glitter, Metallics and Other Shiny Things

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A little message for all you lovely suppliers

So, I've had lots of emails from make up artists, hairdressers, venues, florists etc lately asking for photos from weddings we've done together so I thought it might be helpful to put together a little post to you guys in case. Maybe it's just that time of year when we get it together to update our websites. 

You might have spotted this guide to making the most of your photos which includes a little bit of info about commercial use but I thought I'd elaborate especially for suppliers. 

The great thing is that lots of the time people ask, which is brilliant. My couples don't have permission to give you use of the images for your business, because commercial use isn't included in their package and I retain copyright… so if you'd like to use my images to promote your business then you need to come to me. 

I'm pretty open to this, but it's not a free for all. It's always a bit of a slap in the face when I'm browsing online and come across uncredited photos. Once they're in one place they can spread, they find their way onto all sorts of places. They get filters slapped on them and I've even seen them airbrushed and plastic looking before which I really, super hate. 

For use in print, advertising or to use online without a credit I charge £35 per image and I may be open to doing a deal for 5 or more images. I retain the copyright for the images and they still can't be edited with filters etc. 

But, I know that it's hard being a small business and you may not have much of a budget for this sort of thing… I totally understand. This is why I don't charge for some uses... but there must be a credit.  For websites and blogs there must be a linked credit on the page on which the image is used and for social media there should be a link to my page on whichever site that is. I don't mind cropping but other than that please don't edit the photo (instagram filters, airbrushing etc, the dreaded spot colour etc) in any way. 

twitter/instagram: @camerahannah

As long as the couple is happy with it, I'm happy for you to have your pick of the photos for this.

This doesn't apply to all photographers, please bear in mind that some will charge for any use at all so please check with them first. But for me, I'm totally ok if you want to go ahead and use images this way. 

Please let me know if you'd like the paid option and I can send you an invoice, or if you just want to ask any questions about it. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Mermaid hair, sequins and ice.

An incredible few days of photography in Reykjavik. One morning we headed down for portraits by the water at sunrise. Because it was really, really bloody cold we only had a few short minutes of time before I felt too guilty about the fact that I was wrapped up and Igg was freezing. I can't wait to share more of my shots from my time in Iceland really soon! 

P.S. if you want awesome coloured hair you should totally hit up Elbie

Friday, 9 January 2015

2014 in Video

So, after introducing video fusion in 2013, 2014 was my first full year of filmmaking. It's been incredible and inspired me so much. The icing on the cake was being invited to teach video fusion at my first ever workshop at Photography Farm's Farm Week.  Here's some of my favourite videos that I'm able to share with you from last year. This year I'm going to be pushing my creativity with video forward and having a play with new things. It's my goal to have a music video under my belt by the time this year is finished - anyone who might want to collaborate hit me up!

So my first video of the year was this very special pregnancy announcement! Keep your eyes peeled for these guys making another appearance further down the post!

Then my first wedding of the year. Sure, shooting in a basement with no natural light was challenging, but it's always fun to have to think creatively.

I also wanted to make sure I was recording family life, so I made this little film featuring my little girl (and what will surely go down as the worst haircut of 2014)

Next, to the peak district for this gorgeous day at Townfield Barn!

And then to Bristol for Rich and Jess' wedding

A big part of my life this year has been returning to sing with DaleDiva… and what a year we have. In May we competed in our regional competition. We came third overall and first in our category… winning a place in LAS FREAKING VEGAS next year at the world Championships. While we're at it… if you want to help us raise funds, I would really appreciate any donations. You can give just £2.50 or more if you want to help us to get there this October and show them what we're made of. It was an emotional journey to competition and here's a video I made documenting it.

Get yourself ready for some eye-leaking with Hannah and Carl. Such a beautiful and emotional day.

And then Clovelly went and stole my heart. Check out the gorgeousness of this tiny Devon gem.

And then whoosh! Off to Italy for this unbelievable day. I am so excited to return to Italy in April for another wedding.

I loved Ani and Chris' super laid back wedding in London.

Then it was Mike and Emily's wedding, complete with Beatles tribute band and beautiful barn reception

Then, off we went to our local indiepop festival Indietracks

And back to Townfield Barn and the gorgeous peaks for Steph and Rob's wedding. Epic skies ahoy!

Then a rare super-local wedding! I actually walked from my place to where Scarlett got ready. Amazing. My first wedding at Shottle Hall was beautiful.

Another London wedding now! Louise and Richard totally blew me away.

Llangollen was a dream location for Kirsty & Mark's railway wedding.

Next stop Scotland and the eccentric charms of Balbegno Castle for Cara and Dave's day

It was a pleasure to shoot close to home at historic Tissington Hall  with its gorgeous rose garden and these thoroughly awesome people.

Then I made my first promotional film (something I would love to do more of this year!) for Laura Rhian, an awesome newborn photographer (and fellow farm week teacher!)

Then I teamed up with The Couture Company, Elbie Van Eeden, Working Clasp, Revive Me Boutique and models Elly Lucas and Rachel Hayton to put together this intergalactic shoot which is going to be featured in the next issue of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine!

Then I shot this super romantic wedding at Curradine Barns

And then to London (again! bloody love a London wedding!) and the incredible cityscape views at Coq D'Argent 

And then back to Jade and Adam and their new baby George for this portrait video. I can't wait to do more portrait videos this year!

Dinosaurs. Glitter. Emotional carnage. Lucy and Rob got married in Derby and it was incredible.

And then my favourite time of year and another family video happened

And finally I headed to Chester to end the year with these lovely people

PHEW! Those are just the ones I'm allowed to share with you. What an awesome year!

Sunday, 4 January 2015


I could write a lot here about this year's achievements, the travel and what this wonderful job means to me. I covered a lot of it back when I was announced as one of Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography . It was and still is an astonishingly awesome thing, that I can't quite believe happened. I'm going to keep this one brief though, partly because I feel like I don't want to repeat for myself, partly because I hope it's clear from my photos that I've had a total blast creatively and partly because it's always such a huge task collecting together a yearly review and frankly I'm exhausted. But I can't let this post go up without a huge amount of love to all my couples. For all the spontaneous sunset photo runs, for making me dance with your awesome song choices even when my legs are aching at the end of a huge day and for trusting me enough to give me the honest, open, heart on sleeve emotion that keeps me inspired as I come to the end of my first 5 years of business.