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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Intergalactic Bridal Inspiration - Outer-space Wedding Ideas

I knew I wanted to work with Jo from The Couture Company again. Our first collaboration had been a huge success so we knew that if we were going to work together again, we had to top it somehow.

I've only ever wanted to do styled shoots that were unique, so it can take a bit of time for inspiration to strike and when it does it happens by surprise and becomes all consuming. So, when Jo asked me again if we could work together and I just blurted out that I wanted to do a space shoot… it was news to both of us. The idea formed while I explained it to her "it's like space… but not sci fi... like nebulae and stuff …" and luckily she understood what I meant and the plan came together over the months that followed.

I was blown away by the work of the collaborators… to work with The Couture Company who made the stunning gowns, hair and make up artist extraordinaire Elbie Van Eeden, the shoe-designers of awesomeness Revivemeboutique, rad accessory designers Working Clasp and lovely models Elly Lucas and Rachel Hayton was awesome. It's a funny thing seeing an idea come to life in front of you and humbling when that happens because talented people are willing to trust that you can pull it off.

Here's the photos… I'm so excited to finally share them all.

And if that wasn't enough we were lucky enough to get published in Rock N Roll Bride Magazine! The launch of Kat's magazine has been huge but, being focussed on real weddings (and rightly so) there's not a lot of room for editorial content. Having our shoot published was a massive achievement.

If you haven't picked up a copy of this awesome new magazine I definitely recommend it for any couple getting married who fancy a bit of inspiration.  


  1. Love this Hannah....very cool shoot! xx

  2. Hannah, these are absolutely stunning. I have no words. Please do more styled shoots! :)

  3. Been waiting to see the whole collection of this!! Absolutely stunning, I love it!!! <3

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