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Monday, 2 September 2013

Introducing Alternative Wedding Photography and Video from Camera Hannah

So it started with Lisa and David.... Lisa was looking into videography options at the last minute when someone very important couldn't make it to her wedding because of illness. In the end they couldn't do it. I knew that I'd wanted to try making some video before and played here and there but never tried anything like that before. So I didn't tell Lisa, I brought in the wonderful Lydia Stamps to second shoot with me allowing me a little bit of time to play with getting some video for them to share with loved ones that couldn't be there and as a little memento of the day for them. Something a little bit extra on top of the photos, not a substitute for a dedicated, talented wedding filmmaker but just... something more than still images.

Lisa wrote "Oh my goodness! It's totally amazing... totally blown away! So perfect! You captured everything we remembered and more! So many smiles and laughter.... very sneaky of you too - I like that! I remember you being there at those moments but just thought you were snapping away! Thank you so much."

It really got me thinking about doing it more. I loved the filming and how it fit in with how I work, capturing photos and switching between felt really natural. So I decided to try again at Steph and Mat's wedding, this time shooting alongside the fab Paula Broome.

Once again I fell in love with making video alongside my photos and editing the film together. I really got to thinking about seriously adding it as an option.

Because here's the thing.... I love wedding films (our film by Shutterbox films is one of my most prized possessions) and working with videographers but the vast, vast majority of my couples don't hire them. I wish that more people were hiring dedicated, talented wedding filmmakers so let me say this right now... it's worthwhile and I'm not trying to detract from that. What I am offering is what you see in the videos in this post and nothing more. I won't be recording sound or full coverage of the ceremony/speeches and there is no feature length film - just the compilation of clips from throughout the day, with my main priority remaining the capturing of beautiful, still photographs. So if you want more than that then you need to take a look at some of the very awesome filmmakers out there.

So with that big disclaimer out there... I'll carry on.

After the first experiments I then filmed footage of Jen and Ben's gorgeous day at the Crab and Lobster, Thirsk.

Followed by Lydia and Martin's vintage tea party inspired wedding at Bardney Hall, Barton on Humber the next day.

Then we went on holiday, right in the middle of all the madness of August and all the weddings and I decided that I wanted to capture my own memories on film as well as my usual holiday photographs. The video makes me sentimental already as my little boy waits for his first day at junior school, my daughter seems to get bigger and smarter each day and my growing bump gets bigger as my winter due date gets closer.

First and foremost, I'm a photographer... deep down I have been since the first time I picked up a camera but I love how that extra bit of video can work alongside photos. I love how my current camera is capable of moving between both things and the butterflies I get from seeing both together. 

Then came Saturday's wedding and my most recent video... the one at the start of this post. Jaclyn and Ben's festival wedding at Out To Grass, planned by the awesome Jessie Thomson.

So I'm making the leap and adding it as an optional extra to my full day photography packages, this is open to new bookings and existing ones and I'm introducing it at £345.

This includes:

  • An edited 3-5 minute video compilation, set to licensed music of footage filmed at my discretion throughout the day. 
  • A skilled second photographer on the day working alongside me, which brings benefits of having a second shooter in general - more flexibility during parts of the day like getting ready and an extra perspective as well as extra photos of your day. I only work with trustworthy photographers who have a similar or complimentary style to my own and fit in well with my informal approach to capturing the day. 

Please let me know if you're interested in adding video to your wedding photography booking! It's so exciting to be in new territory and finding ways to expand my passion for image making!

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