Camera Hannah - Alternative Wedding Photography Derby UK: Fran and Tom's Wethele Manor Wedding

Monday, 23 December 2013

Fran and Tom's Wethele Manor Wedding

I've known Fran for a few years so when she asked if she could book me to shoot her wedding at Wethele Manor I was psyched. She and Tom are such an awesome fit and are surrounded by some kickass friends and family so it was an awesome day to be a part of. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, with the sun coming out just in time for their outdoor ceremony - I think my favourite part was later on in the evening when everyone was just lazing around on the grass in the sunshine, chilling out and laughing and drinking and playing daft games… just enjoying the day… because, well, that's what it's all about isn't it? Having those people around you, sharing your happiness and making the most of having them there. Also, how awesome is Fran's dress by The Couture Co? Prefect for swishing.


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  1. Just found these, as wanted to show a friend the venue. It was a truly wonderful day, and I got all misty-eyed looking at these photos! Tom and Fran are a lovely couple :)

    (The red-headed one in the polka dot dress)