Camera Hannah - Alternative Wedding Photography Derby UK: Derbyshire Boudoir Photography | Preview

Monday, 30 March 2015

Derbyshire Boudoir Photography | Preview

This weekend's boudoir shoots were exactly what I needed after a crazy week. Early in the week I finally found the perfect little office for me so the rest of the week was all about planning the move in. There'll be more about that very soon, I can't wait to be able to open my doors to you lovely lot!

After a lot of running around three more boudoir shoots were just what the doctor ordered. It was a great opportunity to build up my portfolio, so I'm now very nearly ready to launch it properly. It gave me time away from home to think about how I can present this idea. I think that a lot of the time boudoir is seen in a certain way that doesn't really inspire me. I'm getting there with how I want to make it work and that's so exciting.

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