Camera Hannah - Alternative Wedding Photography Derby UK: Jaclyn and Ben's Festival Wedding {Photography and Video}

Friday, 27 December 2013

Jaclyn and Ben's Festival Wedding {Photography and Video}

Ok, so firstly I have to say that Jessie Thomson is a bloody marvel. She was the planner behind Jaclyn and Ben's wedding and their ideas combined with her amazing skills created a day of such kick-assness that I'm still bowled over that I got to be there and photograph and film it. The day's theme was "We Are Jones" bringing together friends and family from all over the world to make them feel like one great big family, one whole load of Joneses all together for the first time ever for one big festival of music, food and general awesome. After a hand fasting performed by a friend they led their guests to the festival site where they were treated to bands, whiskey, pizza, fish and chips, popcorn, a vanity yurt and the most gorgeous August sunshine. Oh… and a FIRE MAZE. It's exactly what it sounds like.

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