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Monday, 25 August 2014

Peak District Wedding Photography - Those Derbyshire Skies

I can't wait to blog all of Steph and Rob's gorgeous wedding. But I just wanted to post up a few of their portraits. If you follow my work you'll know that I'm a huge fan of candid moments, capturing things as they happen and storytelling... but that doesn't mean I don't love whisking my couples away for some shots together. I keep things relaxed so that they don't feel out of place next to the rest of my work. So that those moments that are posed feel natural.

Steph and Rob had their reception at Townfield Barn in the Peak District and every time I shoot in the peaks it really reminds me of why I love Derbyshire. Those huge landscapes... the gigantic skies... so beautiful even with some big black rainclouds rolling in... especially with those big black rainclouds. Wild and rugged and beautiful.  
peak district wedding photography


  1. Yeah your venue looks very stunning and also decorated with beautiful flowers. Yeah this is one of the best unique wedding venues. Please update some more pictures of this elegant location.