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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Travel Photography - Iceland

I hardly have the words for this. Sufficed to say that it was one of the most spectacular trips of my life. Iceland won my heart. We trekked through snow, ate amazing food, saw the Northern Lights, went on tours. I've never really been into photographing landscapes before... but now I just want to get out there and shoot more and more. Prints will be coming soon in my new print shop, I can't wait to share them. I'm going to make myself available for more travel photography and if you're looking to commission some shots please get in touch.

That's enough words. Pictures, pictures, pictures.


  1. Iceland has such a powerful beauty! Love the fault-line at Thingvellir. I need to go back - wonderfully captured!

  2. These photos are amazing as Iceland is! Love the sky!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous Hannah.