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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Clovelly Wedding | Peri & Neil

After hours of train rides, a bus ride and a taxi I found myself at the Clovelly visitor centre at the top of the Devon village. It really is like stepping back in time, down the famous cobbled street… no cars… just the prettiest little cottages, shops, cats lazing in the sunshine and a totally unique little community.

Peri and Neil had an intimate wedding with just their closest family so they didn't need much coverage so it wasn't a full day for me. After their ceremony we headed off on an adventure to get some portraits around the village, making the most of the gorgeous views and the quirks of the place. There's something super special about a seaside wedding…add to that the incredible weather and Neil and Peri being awesome people and it was a real highlight for me last summer.

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  1. Clovelly is such a beautiful spot and you captured it perfectly here, exactly as I remember it when I visited as a kid! Great work Hannah :-)