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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Derbyshire Couple Shoot | Elly + Daniel

I'm so lucky to have been able to photograph beautiful, talented, lovely and all round oh-why-are-you-so-perfect-it-really-isn't-fair-type Elly a few times now but this was my favourite by far. She and her lovely boyfriend Daniel came to see me for a photoshoot around Derbyshire woodland and countryside a few weeks ago and it was just wonderful to get some lovely natural shots of the two of them being their adorable selves. It was a pretty overcast foggy day, which made for some soft grey light which we totally embraced. It will be lovely when the weather picks up as we head into spring and the light changes and all the greenery starts to flourish but I do have a soft spot for winter, even if things do get a bit nippy. Whenever I do couple shoots I want to keep things as relaxed as possible so I still get those super heartfelt shots, the real smiles and actual proper hugs… so it's more than just getting some nice photos together, it's capturing that point in time together in a meaningful way.

This is my last weekend in my break from weddings I've enjoyed over the winter. It's been a really valuable time, soaking up the last year of work and thinking about what's ahead. I love weddings but it's important to sit back and actually appreciate what you've created and take a beat and recharge. I am so, so ready for next weekend's wedding. So, I'm off now to enjoy the kind of Saturday that I won't be having for a while… chilling out with the family, a mooch around the shops and time with mates. I'll leave you with some photos of these ruddy lovely people.

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