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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Naomi + Stephen | Litton, Derbyshire Wedding

Litton was one of the first places in Derbyshire I ever saw, when I was a teenager before I moved here. I fell in love with the Peak District back then… the dry stone walls… the little villages… I don't think those things will ever lose their charm for me. After I moved to Derbyshire some of my closest school friends lived in Litton so from time to time we'd end up there… it set the scene for adventures in the countryside, first kisses and hi-jinx (did I actually just say hi-jinx… jeeze, I feel about a hundred).

So when one of my old friends was getting married there I couldn't wait to be part of it.

It's a funny thing when you hit that age when your friends are getting married and having babies. Because you were young together… and when you spend time with those people it feels like you're right back there. I remember huddling up with Naomi in corners of our school to share angst about boys and then, suddenly there I was watching her cradle her baby while she prepared for her wedding day.

And what a day it was. I mean… it tipped it down and the wind howled, but how incidental that seems looking back. Naomi and Stephen's wedding was ace and packed with love and silliness and cake (a LOT of cake) and I bloody loved it. Here's some of my favourite photos from the day.

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