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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pinterest Weddings: How to make your day picture perfect!

Collecting up some anecdotes and testimonials from old couples this landed in my inbox from Alyson, whose wedding I photographed in April... and I felt it needed a blog post all of its own. 


A million times this!

"When we started planning our wedding, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest. It was a great resource for ideas, most of which we didn't use wholesale, but which served as inspiration and helped to get a feel for what we wanted the day to be like. I pinned A LOT of ideas for know the ones. The blurry bride and groom kissing in the foreground and the wedding party gasping behind them. The giant bride's foot hovering over cowering groomsmen. The bride surrounded by a circle of bridesmaids with iPhones, instagramming the heck out of the dress. I thought these were fun poses we could do on the day to bring a bit of frivolity to the photos.
And then the day came. We didn't do any of them. We were way too busy getting married and having THE BEST time. And you know what? I didn't miss them at all. We got our photos back, and - like the wonderful impish pixie you are - you'd captured some far more frivolous and hilarious moments. Like a groomsman vogueing. My bridesmaids "doing" Bridesmaids, unprompted. Me running up a muddy hill with my dress hitched up. My mum making people double over with laughter. My father in law raising his eyebrows as if to say "they've really gone and done it now..."
These are some of our favourite photos. In the end, I'm glad we didn't have a "Pinterest wedding". It wasn't perfect and it wasn't a cookie-cutter copy of anyone else's. It was ours, and we loved it. And you captured the whole thing and reflected our personalities (and those of all our friends and family) so perfectly. Far better than any number of clich├ęd shots could have done." 
Alyson has put it so perfectly. I think about this a lot, the more I see of Pinterest. Pinterest is great for inspiration... but don't let it rule your day. You could spend so much time trying to recreate "must-have" photos that you miss out on making your own moments which might just be so much better.


  1. I wish all brides could trust their photographer like Alyson trusted you. Great photos!

  2. Awww such a fab testimonial and exactly the right thing to say about all those Pinterest poses! Fantastic photos Hannah x

  3. Pinterest is an amazing resource and I also find myself there quite often looking for inspiration.

  4. These are cute wedding photos which you have collected form pinterest. I think it has become a great source to get inspirations for weddings and other stuff. I will tie the knot this year at one of wedding venues Los Angeles and was looking for inspirations at pinterest.

  5. Nice work! Beautiful and gorgeous couple.