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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

London Wedding | Ani & Chris

Since the sun has shown its face over the last couple of days I've been getting all excited about it not being winter any more so I thought the next wedding for me to blog should be this one. It was so full of sunshine, and looking back over the photos and film makes me realise how much I've missed that summer light, even if it can be a total nightmare dealing with harsh highlights and mega shadows… I just want summer now, ok?  

Ani and Chris (all round good eggs and generally beautiful people) were married at Islington Town Hall, which always manages to be a pleasure to shoot at despite being such a busy venue… when you arrive it's always a bit overwhelming as you try and figure out which guests are actually with the wedding you're shooting and trying not to accidentally photobomb another wedding. But yeah, I have a soft spot for the beautiful ceremony room, and Ani and Chris' ceremony was pretty darn lovely. From there we all took a stroll round to The Canonbury for the reception. 

Everything with these guys felt very laid back - I was in my element. There was no formal sit down dinner and they spent most of their time just mingling in the dappled shade of the garden with friends and family, which meant I was able to just get plenty of guest shots. I stole them away for a bit for some portraits in the leafy (seriously guys, I miss summer and leaves and things… can all the green be back now??) streets of London. And can we talk about that cake??? Jeezy Chreezy… a total work of art. Yeah, this was a rad wedding and these guys are awesome.


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